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Doing Game Changing stuff every day

Andy Dobson – Managing Director/Lead Consultant – Lean 4 BusinessWhether you believe in man-made global warming or not, as a business, why would you use any more resources than you have to?

Lean 4 Business is a small consultancy with a big idea – making your business more competitive and your product or service more attractive to existing and potential customers.

By eliminating waste and inefficiency, emphasising quality and improving workflows, Lean 4 Business focus on cutting operating costs while enhancing every aspect of your operation with a single, simple goal in mind – giving your customers what they want, when they want it and above all doing it profitably.

We use the Lean Toolbox and other disciplines such as Six-Sigma & Theory of Constraints.

You may recognise tools such as DMAIC or PDCA or PDSA.  Other tools such as R.A.M.P.© are bespoke to Lean 4 Business and have been developed over the years to provide maximum results for our clients.

We believe the only way to create sustainability is to work with your staff to design and implement change.  Failing to engage with people at ALL levels of the business will result in, at best, only short term gains and a never-ending cycle of interventions.

We appreciate that key stakeholders are critical to the success of any change activity and so we take time to understand and engage them.

We can also manage your business when you can’t.  It’s a different focus, but often the tools and requirements are similar.

We don’t make unachievable claims but we do know a thing or two so let Lean 4 Business help your business get fitter, more agile and responsive.  We know business.

We don’t overstay our welcome but we don’t cut and run either!

Let’s go on that journey together!